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Contact Us Contact Us Request for Information Request for Information Request for Service Request for Service Request for Quote Request for Quote Trenching / Plowing  The more traditional approach to getting cable from one place to another is “digging a ditch”.  BCI utilizes trenching and plowing methods along with the proper equipment to bury cable and conduit in the ground. Handhole / Manhole  When installing underground cable, it is important to install manholes at appropriate intervals. This makes it much simpler to pull the cable and easier to troubleshoot cable installations in the future. We  are experienced in all types of underground manhole/handhole installations.
Outside Plant
Directional Boring    You’ve heard the saying, “You just can’t get there from here”, right?  That is where directional boring comes in.  Sometimes the best way to pull cable between two places is via underground drilling.  BCI has all the equipment and expertise necessary to reach the unreachable. Aerial    Another option available to our customers is overhead cable runs. Our OSP staff has the right tools and experience necessary to put cable in the air. We can get your cable to where you need it to be.